Best Dorm Room Bedding, Linen & Laundry Essentials

Preparing for dorm life as a freshman can be overwhelming for many. It involves a long shopping checklist. Deciding how to pick the right items can be daunting. Items that are not only trendy, but also budget-friendly, durable, and functional take time to research. Moreover, good and early preparation would eventually allow you to focus on what is most important during your time in college. That includes, but is not limited to; your learning experience/studies, new friends, and getting to know your new environment. 

In case you may have missed something, we want to make sure you start on the right foot, or on the right note if this sounds more academic. This post is specifically about dorm room bedding, linen, and laundry essentials. These include a few curated items that we have personally hand-picked as best buys based on Amazon’s listed price at the time of writing, quality of the product, appearance, and customer feedback (i.e. most are rated as Amazon’s Choice products). Items that are multi-functional or versatile were preferred as they are undeniably more effective in a dorm or small apartment. 

Whether you are the one heading to College or someone looking for a practical gift for a relative or friend heading to college, we are hopeful that you will find value in the most current items we have researched and included in this list. Please check them out and see if you like any of them. Above all, if this is you heading to college, we wish you lots of success in both your studies, your college life, and beyond!

So, what made the list of the best dorm room bedding, linen & laundry essentials for the cutest room?

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Best Dorm Room Bedding Essentials

Dorm Room Bedding Essentials

This bedding set is both comfortable, stylish, and it comes in 15 different colors/patterns. Some are oftentimes on discount (the twin size industrial teal color set was 23% off at the time of posting). Let’s find out more.

This 5-piece bed in a bag includes a 66 x 90-inch comforter, 66 x 96-inch flat sheet, 39 x 80 inch fitted sheet, 20 x 26-inch sham, and 20 x 30-inch pillowcase. What makes this bedding set a good choice is that it comes in different colors and patterns. The best part is that all pieces of the set conveniently complement each other to produce a complete and stylish bedding design. The fabric is made of 100% polyester microfiber for a soft and gentle texture. The comforter filling is 100% polyester for cozy warmth. The set is also conveniently machine-washable.

The 5-Piece Bed-In-A-Bag – Twin/Twin Extra-Long, Navy Simple Plaid was listed as an Amazon’s Choice item. With a 4.4/5.0-star rating from 479 customer reviews and the bundled price, it was obvious that this item deserves to be on our list of best dorm room bedding essentials. 

We would happily recommend the 5-Piece Bed-in-a-Bag to our dear friends and family. Click here for pricing.

Best Dorm Room Linen (Towels) Essentials


Similar to the bedding set, this Towel Set comes in different colors (the grey Set being the most affordable). We love this Towel Set for its quality material and bundle pricing. Here’s more about our suggested best dorm room towel essentials.

The 8-piece Premium Towels Set by Utopia Towels provides a complete package of four washcloths, two bath towels, and two hand towels to help dry your hands, face and entire body. The Utopia Premium 8-Piece Towel Set is ideal for people with skin hyper-sensibility and is hypoallergenic. It is made of 100% cotton fabric; these towels possess breathable characteristics which make them perfect for your body. The set comes in different colors and we love that it is made of terry cotton, which makes them highly absorbent. Another good point is the double-stitched hemmed finishing which reduces the amount of disintegration after washing.

The Towels Measure:
– Bath Towel: 27 by 54 inches
– Hand Towels: 16 by 28 inches
– Washcloths: 13 by 13 inches

The Utopia Towel Set is known for its softness and durability. It is an Amazon’s Choice product with a 4.0/5.0-star rating based on 3600 customer reviews. Another bundled-price item that we personally added to our dorm’s list of linen essentials. Click hereto choose a color.

Best Dorm Room Laundry Bag


If you have used pop-up hampers in the past and decided that you want something more durable and practical, then we think you’ll love the hanging laundry bag from iwill CREATE PRO. This sturdy bag is not only used to store laundry, but also you can take it outside as a traveling luggage bag, or gym backpack, or toys storage bag. Now that’s versatile and extremely practical. The bag is super light and sturdy as it is made of 100% commercial nylon. It has an approximate 15 lb load-bearing capacity. The bag measures 25″ x 31″; big enough for laundry storage in a college dorm, to take clothes to laundry or home, and for family use.

It also comes with sturdy adjustable shoulder straps to safely climb up and down stairs or haul it to and from your car. It has a reinforcing ring on the top and a tear-resistant part at the bottom.

To use it as a hamper, the bags can be hung on the wall or door with two strengthen rings for easier storage. 

An Amazon’s Choice product rated at 4.2/5.0-star from 519 customer reviews, this laundry bag is well suited for college students.

The iwill CREATE PRO laundry bag is super lightweight and ideal for long walks to the laundry. However, it is not ideal to use as a stand-alone hamper as it does not have structural stability when empty. Check out the following item for an alternative hamper/carry bag that works equally well in a small dorm room but with a slightly higher price point. Else click here for the current price.

Best Laundry Caddy/Hamper/Extra Large Tote Bag

best-dorm-room-bedding-linen-laundry-essentialsThis is a super versatile LaundryCaddy that can be used as a hamper as well as for storage, moving, trips to the beach or park to name a few. The CleverMade SnapBasket LaundryCaddy can carry enough clothing for 2 full large loads of laundry with its maximum load capacity of 55 pounds, making it essential for trips to the laundromat, dorm rooms, and general organization. This laundry basket comes with stable feet to prevent tipping and 2 carry handles which allow for steady and balanced transportation. The bag is designed with a reinforced steel rim, a rigid baseboard, and heavy-duty polyester for extreme durability.

The best part is that the LaundryCaddy collapses flat to 2″ simply by folding it and stowed for super compact storage. When open, the bag measures 21.25″ L x 13.25″ W x 18.5″ H. It can hold up to 64 liters (17 gallons).

In terms of rating, it’s a 4.7/5.0-star item from 161 customer reviews on Amazon. The multi-functionality compact storage ability of this laundry basket is just amazing.

We would certainly recommend the LaundryCaddy to our friends and family whether they live in a dorm or small apartment. Click here for a range of colors available for the LaundryCaddy.

Best Dorm Room Closet Hangers

best-dorm-room-bedding-linen-laundry-essentialsThe Zober Non-Slip Velvet Hangers are not only stylish with the smooth velvet wrap, but they are also very practical being non-slip. As with any velvet hanger, the soft texture of the material grips delicate items such as camisoles and tanks with ease. What makes the Zober Hangers a great choice is its thinnest since inside the velvet is plastic material which makes those hangers space-saving and ideal for any dorm room. 

The shoulder line on the hangers is contoured to help preserve clothes shape and features precisely-cut notches for keeping straps in place. These notches take the pain out of hanging thin strap shirts, tanks and make hanging undergarments such as bras, nightgowns, and camisoles effortless. The horizontal bar covered in velvet provides a good grip and prevents creases when hanging pants.

Rated at 4.7/5.0-star, these hangers have been reviewed by 1978 customers on Amazon.

It is advisable to rinse those hangers under cold water for 30 seconds to remove any residue and twist the hook with light force to engage the swivel before using. These hangers made our list of best hangers for being practical, stylish, and affordable. Who wouldn’t want premium hangers in their closet? These hangers help create a consistent visual appeal to any closet with less clutter.

Click here for more on this dorm essential item.

Conclusion: Best Dorm Room Bedding, Linen & Laundry Essentials

These are the best move-in Dorm Room Bedding, Linen & Laundry Essentials we have curated for all those heading to college or to the best days of their life for most of us. It is advisable to spend on quality items that would last long enough. We prioritized items that come in a package to save on your budget in the long run. Looking for variations in color provides more choices and plainly-speaking are less boring. These are the main criteria we use to curate our items for the best dorm room bedding, linen & laundry essentials.

Other items that should we highly recommend be on your list include pillows, mattress pad, laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, a lint brush, and a mini sewing kit. However, some items are already owned by students (e.g. pillows, lint brush, etc.), others are household items we use daily.

Other than that, in case you would like us to research an item not listed in this post about the best dorm room bedding, linen, and laundry essentials, please comment below and we will be more than happy to look into it.

We are currently working on curating additional posts for other categories such as Electronics, Desk, and Shared items among others. A link to related posts will soon be made available on our blog. In the meantime, we wish you happy shopping and a wonderful time in college!

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