Mother’s Day Unique and Practical Gift Ideas 2019

Every year Mother’s Day provides a new opportunity to gift your mom something special or memorable. Are you on the hunt for some gift ideas that will please each of the moms that you are so grateful to have in your life? Well, this post is a brief list of unique and practical gift ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2019. If you are looking to find your mom a carefully selected sweet present or treat, do peruse the following hand-picked selection.

Find her something that will bring a smile to her face this mother’s day. However, no matter what you decide to gift her, bear in mind that the best gift on mother’s day remains your own presence. Spend time with her to make Mother’s Day 2019 the most memorable one for the two of you if not the whole family.

A little gift that is personalized, practical, or unique will certainly make her feel even more special. This limited Mother’s Day Practical and Unique Gift Ideas 2019 was put together in order to assist you in your search. Needless to say, thanks to online shopping, all the items here can be ordered to be delivered directly to her or right to your doorstep.

And remember, even though all mothers have superpowers, all they really want is to spend this time in their kids and grandkids company. 


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Mother’s Day Unique and Practical Gift Ideas 2019 For the ‘Boss Mom’

Mother's Day Unique and Practical Gift Ideas 2019

1. Custom Handmade Candles – Thinking of a unique gift for a unique mom? Everything about this candle is unique; from being carefully prepared by hand to the degree that this gift can be customized. Who else deserves a personalized gift than the most important woman in your life?

2. Handcrafted Bath Bombs – These handcrafted bath bombs are therapeutic and moisturizing. They are best for normal and dry skin. Here’s a gift set that will make mom’s time relaxing and enjoyable.

3. Knee Pillow – A memory foam knee pillow is sometimes all she needs to get that perfect night rest after a hard day at work. It also makes a thoughtful gift for a pregnant mom.

4. Leather Wallet – You know she will love it if it’s a Kate Spade New York Saffiano leather wallet! This one comes with a zipper pocket for change on the back side of the wallet complete with a pull tab. Choose a color that will complement her favorite outfit and ‘voila’.

5. Face Roller – When was the last time she had a face massage? The jade face roller can be that one gift that puts a smile on her face. And certainly not only once.

Mother’s Day Unique and Practical Gift Ideas 2019 For the New Mom

Mother's Day Unique and Practical Gift Ideas 2019

6. Exfoliating Sugar Cubes – Mom needs pampering too! Use this perfectly sized cube in the shower or bath to feel the benefit of a smoother, softer, and moisturized skin.

7. Baby Memories Book – Start to memorialize your little one’s first year with this cute baby book. A thoughtful gift for any new mom, it is sure to become a family heirloom-worthy piece in years to come.

8. Slip Silk Sleep Mask – Getting enough quality rest while caring for the newborn can be challenging at times. Ensure a good restorative beauty sleep and protect delicate facial skin with the help of a premium pure silk sleep mask.

9. Detox Soaking Salts – Excellent for detox in a bath with all natural ingredients for a relaxing and detoxifying treat. This salt is made of a blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils along with detoxifying Cambrian blue clay. 

For Grandma

Mother's Day Unique and Practical Gift Ideas 2019

10. Mother Daughter Necklace – Express your special love for grandma with this subtle but elegant piece of jewelry she will wear all day.

11. Vacuum Insulated Tumbler – Perfect for new or soon to be Gigi. Finished in beautiful blush gold, this tumbler is great at keeping beverages hot or cold.

For the Coffee Lover

12. Mark My Words Mother Mug – This mug is more of a decor statement than it is for drinking her favorite beverages. The best part is it comes with a special message specific to the mom in the house. Whether she will drink from it or now, it remains gorgeous nonetheless.

13. Novelty Socks – We all have seen those, they are popular. But we thought she will love a pair if she does not have one of these already.

14. Tiled Margot Monogram Mug – The monogram mug is an excellent way to buy several of the same gifts at once for different people. Just pick one based on their initials and you are set. Note these are not microwave-friendly even though they ‘look’ more expensive than their actual price!

For the Home Decorator

Mother's Day Unique and Practical Gift Ideas 2019

15. Mom Sign – This sign is simple yet conveys a strong statement. Perfect if you can’t figure out what to buy her, meaning, she already has everything she ever wants. Sometimes the word says it all.

16. Decorative Pillow Cover – Excellent choice for the home decor enthusiast. It’s just a matter of finding the pillowcase color that will match her favorite bedding or bedroom color scheme.

17. Digital Photo Frame – Lots of memories to share with lots of people, try the digital photo frame. This little gadget can display her favorite family photos from multiple sources including social media photos. More than just a home decor item, this potentially becomes an automatic display of past memories and current family adventures.

For the Kitchen

18. Bamboo Cheese Board – Smartly designed and beautifully built, this cheese board is meant to impress. Perfect for entertaining family and guests; it comes with a hidden drawer that houses four stainless steel cheese knives.

19. Fruit Infuser Bottle – A water bottle with a plus, or a unique infuser for the creative mom who likes to experiment with different infusions. This gift is perfect for the active and health-conscious mom. Now its just a matter of figuring out what cap color and bottle-size to pick for her.

20. Juice Extractor – With this juice maker from Breville, no one in the family can complain they did not have their daily fruits and vegetable healthy dietary needs. This stainless steel machine looks and feels robust. It was on discount when this post was written, otherwise, it’s a pricier gift compared to all the above.


This wraps up the list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2019. Happy Mother’s Day!

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