Farmhouse Decor Accents for the Living Room

Are you looking for ideas to add farmhouse decor accents to style your living room? Here’s a round-up of affordable rustic accents to revive your living room’s decor. They’re easily available online if you choose to buy the exact items. Otherwise, it is hoped that the photos below will inspire you to consider adding some rustic elements to your home decor.

Whether it is a country feel or a more modern farmhouse style you’re going for, these accents create timeless first impressions. Use them in your living room, entryway, or even other parts of your home. In true farmhouse style, they will easily create an inviting and lived-in feel to any space

The key to accessorize your existing home decor is to choose elements that either contrast or complement the existing setting. You may want to try new items and see which one fits with each other. Some farmhouse decor accents are meant to work well within a modern interior. Don’t be afraid to move things around in order to see what works better for you. Some of the items in this selection are small items that can easily fit a small interior without overpowering the space. The best part about the farmhouse style is the neutral color they embrace. That makes it effortless to pair them with other bolder colored items.

Head over to How To Get The Farmhouse Style Living Room to browse through completed projects. 

These hand-picked decor pieces will also make great gift ideas for one who values a unique vintage or rustic touch.

All in all, remember to experiment and have fun with your home decor projects!

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Small Farmhouse Ceramic Jug Set

Farmhouse Decor Accents for the Living Room

With their natural non-flashy colors, this set of 3 jug vases can be a great way to add that feel of neutrality to your living space. The sage green, worn-out blue, and dirty white work together to give off a sort of laid-back accent, which is precisely the farmhouse quality you’re looking to create.

Their value as a farmhouse decor item is more about their color and how cutely rustic they look. Not as big as you’d expect (in fact they’re quite petite), the vases’ cuteness and classiness make them instantly eye-catching! What eyes would miss those? Just ensure you combine the three at the same spot, most likely your shelf or table, rather than displaying separately.

Find out more and how to get the ceramic jug set here.

Farmhouse-Style Wooden Lantern

Farmhouse Decor Accents for the Living Room

Okay, what does a wooden frame candle holder bring to mind? Antiquity, right? The vintage wooden frame surely will get that feeling of nostalgia creeping across the four walls of your living room. The classic grayish-brown wooden finish is particularly what produces the rustic effect, and it’s even more nostalgic when the candlelight is on. It’s an adorable decorating piece for your farmhouse decor. Get the wooden farmhouse lantern here.


Farmhouse-Inspired Wooden Beads

Farmhouse Decor Accents for the Living Room

No, you don’t have to pray with these beads. You can simply tie up the ends, hang them up the wall, and use for holding a paper towel, tissue, or anything of the sort—it’s big enough. You can as well use it as a part of your centerpiece in your dining area, entryway, or match it up alongside the vases and books on your shelf. It brings fun and unusualness, and if you’re one for meditation, then it will serve you well.

The neutral bone color looks pretty simple, rustic, and relaxing. How strange and antique it looks will surely get your visitors wowed. Head to the product page of this versatile farmhouse wooden beads here.

Farmhouse Decor Metal Windmill

Farmhouse Decor Accents for the Living Room

The windmill table piece complements your countryside theme perfectly. The metallic base is of rustic color and combined with the distressed blades, the windmill screams country! Country! An excellent way to style any vignette. If anything, this could very well be the ultimate farmhouse decor accent for the living room.

No, it doesn’t spin as you’d expect but yeah, does it have to? Simply place it on your table maybe next to your vase, and your living room farmhouse accent comes to life. It’s quite small but good enough to add that finishing touch to your entryway as well. Check out the farmhouse metal windmill here.


Farmhouse Decor Wall Clock

Any farmhouse living room decor would be incomplete without a wall clock that speaks simplicity and antiquity. The worn-looking Roman numerals upon the distressed white shiplap face cannot be more farmhouse a decor piece.

The clock’s got the perfect size for your living room, too, and if you’re down for that whispering tick tock, then, great! It’s nostalgia in itself. The #4 is IIII instead of IV, but that’s not a mistake. It’s the design, and with time, you’d get used to it. This beautiful timepiece is available in different colors. Their simple tone, color, imperfections, and design make this timepiece a classic farmhouse addition to any wall. Check out the shiplap wall clock here.


Like all good things, this round-up of farmhouse decor accents for the living room comes to an end. It is hoped that this curated list of items has inspired you to decorate your home and achieve that lived-in farmhouse vibe. This can easily be achieved by selecting vintage, distressed, and/or imperfect pieces of decor accents to add that country character or laid-back ambiance to your decor. How does a decor that is neither modern nor old-fashioned sound? The result of mixing modern elements with vintage ones can be astounding!

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